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Meet the Critter Sitters


(Owner/Operator) Clare is thrilled with her dual role as both manager and Critter Sitter. Originally trained as a teacher, Clare worked as a preschool teacher and play therapist before moving into educational publishing, where she’s held a variety of management roles while nurturing her dream to live on a big farm with a bunch of adopted dogs.

Now Clare and her three dogs, Oz, Peanut, and Max, share their home and big backyard with many visiting critters, often taking the dogs for walks on the adjacent conservation land. In addition to caring for pets and managing the business, Clare is a proud mom and an active member of Acton's Dog Park Committee.


Adrienne, a long-time animal lover and 22-year Acton resident, gets tremendous enjoyment from being surrounded by her four dogs, one cat, and two turtles. She has two adult children who have both definitely picked up the puppy-love bug from their mom. Her son, in Florida, has two dogs and her daughter, in Oklahoma, has a dog and a cat. Adrienne is super excited to help care for your pets.


Alexis is a long-time dog owner and animal lover who recently graduated from UMass Amherst with a degree in History. When not playing with all sorts of animals, she enjoys traveling and cooking with friends.


Amanda is one of our most versatile Critter Sitters, at ease with just about any animal under any circumstance. She's owned dogs and cats, and now gets her furry friend fix here at work. Aside from pet sitting, Amanda’s keenest interests are music and art.


Carrie is a mother of three boys and an owner of two great dogs, Noah and Eva. In the twelve+ years she has been a Critter Sitter, she has befriended countless families in the West Acton area. Each one can attest to the care and love Carrie has shown their pets. She has an affinity for animals and they have the same for her. Carrie takes pride in attending to the smallest of details when assisting owners with their critters, houses, and gardens, allowing her clients to enjoy a retreat with complete confidence that their household is in capable hands.


Diane started out as a client, then became a Critter Sitter — and has been associated with us for over 22 years! She is a graduate and Certified Training Partner of Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior. Diane is also an assistant trainer for the Charles River Dog Training Club in Waltham. She and her dog, Frieda, are also registered members of the National Association of Canine Scent Work. Diane enjoys being outdoors, walking dogs in many of Acton’s conservation lands.


Elizabeth, one of our resident cat experts,  will tell you more about herself soon!


Evan enjoys nature in all forms, so he really looks forward to his daily trail runs with the dogs and can often be seen with his pack around Pratt's Brook. When not "running with the dogs," Evan also enjoys canoeing, camping, and coaching soccer.


Acton Critter Sitters is hiring!

Learn what qualities we look for in our staff.


Along with a daughter, Jenn is also the proud “parent” of four rescue animals — three dogs and a cat — and in the past, horses and other critters. A semi-retired social worker and now a high school educator, Jenn enjoys time outside, preferably with animals and her garden. Jenn holds an Associates Degree in Vet Tech from UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture and takes dog training classes, which, she claims, have been as beneficial for her as for the dogs! 


JP is a horse lover who has been riding since she was 10. She also owns and competes in dressage shows with her 9-year-old Draft X horse, Bentley. A lover of both cats and dogs, JP has had plenty experience with both. She grew up with a boxer and now lives with three cats, Puma, Cheetah, and Osiris. One of her favorite things about working for ACS is that she doesn’t have to work in an office!


Katie joined our team in 2017 and we are glad to have her! She is both out with animals on regular basis and also assists with all sorts of office tasks. Don't be surprised if you hear from her! Katie had many dogs and cats growing up, and fostered a number of boxers for over five years. She recently rescued her new cat friend, Benny, and is very happy to have fur friends in her life again


Kelsey, one of our office administrators, has had pets all of her life, including dogs, cats, and fish. Kelsey previously worked on a farm caring for pigs, oxen, cows, and chickens. A graduate student, Kelsey lives in Maynard with her partner and her baby girl, Violet.


MJ has been with ACS since 2014. She grew up with pets and has never lived without them. She spent years owning and training Dobermans, and is also one of our resident cat experts, MJ loves one-on-one visits with her charges, and creates a special bond with every one of her "babies." When MJ is not caring for critters, she enjoys gardening and spending time with her three daughters and four grandchildren.


Resa came to ACS with eight years’ pet sitting experience and a lifelong compassion for all animals, particularly dogs and cats. As a runner, she particularly enjoys taking dogs on long vigorous walks or runs through conservation trails. She has a passion for fitness and also works as a personal trainer. When not training people clients or caring for ACS pets, Resa enjoys spending time with her two beloved cats, Angel and Daniel.


Zanna loves to take her big dog, Jedi, out on the trails with other ACS dogs, but she's usually too busy hosting playdates for the smaller dogs. She is always smiling when with her puppy pals, no matter what the weather. Zanna lives in West Acton with Jedi, two cats, her partner, and her son, an aspiring Critter Sitter.

Staff photos by Rob Houghton / robhoughtonphotography.com